Casualty Insurance

This coverage provides payment to the lender for the unamortized balance of the loan should a tenant terminate the lease due to damage to the building of varying degrees.

Highlights of the policy:

  • Covers the entire term of the loan up to 30 years
  • Benefits the lender only (not the tenant)
  • Provides the lender the entire unamortized balance of the loan within 15 days of a casualty claim being submitted
  • The insurer then takes the lender’s position as first mortgagee and all rights of recovery associated with that position
  • Premium is paid up-front
  • Policy is non-cancelable once premium is paid
  • Can be quoted for varying terms, e.g. some leases permit termination if damage occurs that cannot be repaired within 90 days, others permit termination if only 50% of the building is destroyed
  • When the policy pays the lender the unamortized balance of the loan, the insurer takes over the lender’s first mortgage position on the property (much like Condemnation Insurance)

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